Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty chronicles the story of the largest manhunt in history. The movie's protagonist is a CIA spy named Maya, who is an expert on all things Bin Laden. Bigelow is able to succinctly capture years worth of background work and sheds light on the process that led to tracking and eventual killing of the terrorist mastermind.


Guardians of the Galaxy

In what can only be described as an intergalactic action-comedy, a bunch of misfits, including a genetically modified raccoon and a talking tree, team up to face an alien warlord named Ronan. The central character is Peter Quill, or as he likes to be called, Star Lord, who was kidnapped from Earth as a child. Guardians follows Marvel's trademark formula, yet packs a strong punch because of James Gunn's brilliant screenplay and story writing.


Following a SWAT raid of a suspected Mexican cartel safehouse, FBI Agent Kate Mercer is recruited to join an inter-agency task force aiming to apprehend the Sonora Cartel lieutenant responsible for a bombing. As Kate dives deeper into the world of the CIA and drug cartels, she discovers that things are not as they seem and perhaps the former has bigger plans involving a mysterious man know as Alejandro, linked to the Medellin cartel.

21 Jump Street

Action-comedy film adaptation of the 1987 television series of the same name. The story follows two cops who are forced to go undercover as high school students to bust a synthetic drug ring.

Black Mass

Black Mass explores the life of James "Whitey" Bulger, leader of the Winter Hill Gang that controlled most organized crime in South Boston. The movie focuses on the time when Bulger decided to become an FBI informant against the Angiulo Brothers, upon the insistence of agent, and childhood friend, John Connolly. The catch? Bulger uses this ever-growing closeness with the FBI to effectively increase his control over South Boston, using Connolly to rid the area of rival gangs. With the latter's bosses becoming more suspicious by the day, how long could this ruse last?

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

A psychological thriller that follows a disgraced journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, and a talented yet troubled investigator and hacker, Lisbeth Salander. Their paths cross when they are picked to investigate the disappearance and assumed murder of business magnate Henrik Vanger's grandniece, Harriet, 40 years ago.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Following Superman's colossal battle with Zod, Bruce Wayne, a business magnate considers Kal-El to be the greatest danger to mankind, and vows to destroy him. Following a series of events triggered by Lex Luthor, Wayne gets his crack at Superman, and an epic showdown ensues.

The Nice Guys

An unlikely pair comes together as a private detective and an unethical enforcer join hands to find a missing girl linked to the murder of a fading porn star. Assisted by the former's young daughter, the two discover a conspiracy concerning investigative journalism, pornography, and a takedown of corporate America.

X-Men: Apocalypse

En Sabah Nur, or Apocalypse, is the first mutant to have ever existed, and was entombed alive upon being betrayed by his worshippers. Awakened in 1983, he sets out to find his four lieutenants and correct the course of humanity, which he believes has lost its way. The only way to stop him? The familiar band of mutants led by Professor X and Mystique.

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