Mean Girls

Director:  Mark Waters

Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tim Meadows, Ana Gasteyer, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey

Release Date:  April 30, 2004

What’s it about?

The film follows 16 year old Cady Heron, who returns to the United States after having spent most of her life in Africa. Attending public school for the first time, Cady must grapple with a new environment, social norms, and the numerous student cliques, especially the most popular yet infamous one, the ‘Plastics’, led by the evil Regina George.

What’s hot?

Means Girls is easily one of the best teen comedies out there! The film sets itself apart through crisp writing, a genuinely good story, and captivating performances from Lohan, McAdams, Seyfried, and Caplan. Tiny Fey executes a brilliant screenplay, that brings across the central message with subtle clarity. The movie is also unique because of its easy to watch over and over again, and its general suitability to any audience segment!

What’s not?

While Mean Girls is an excellent watch, perhaps the only qualm I have is that at its very heart, it has the same plot as any other teen comedy. While this doesn’t make it an exciting watch, the absence of quirk in the story line is more than made up by the smart and funny dialogues.

I’d give this..

4 Stars – Enjoy this with a group of friends!


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